Our Innovations

Complaint Management Service (COMS)

As part of our dedication towards providing you a quality service, we are launch complaints management service. This service shall handle all complaints by a specialized team and will try to resolve all complaints with a short time span. If you have any complains then please send us a email at care@plastic.net.in

Product Status Server (PSS)

We Believe that everyone can provide you with good products, but the only thing that differentiates is quality of service. We would like to give you one more reason to deal with our company, the launch of Product Status Server (PSS). PSS is an automated system that is linked to our production facility and will give the approximate status of your order on weekly basis. PSS is designed in a way in which it is capable of calculating Approximate Production, Timing, Production Gaps due to any delay on weekly automatically.

Account Management Service (AMS)

We are very delighted to introduce our New Service- Account Management Service. This service will create a one point contact for you in the company and will help you manage your account services with us.Account Services shall include-Change of Details, special request, payment related, debits/credits in your account, account ledger, invoices and others.

Quick Mail Response Service (QMRS)

An Automated system that will help you get quicker response every time you mail us.